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Discover Pink Point Amsterdam, the ultimate destination for all your LGBTQ+ information and support needs. With over 25 years of experience, Pink Point has been the trusted go-to information center for the national and international LGBTQ+ community. Immerse yourself in our rich history, rooted in the 1998 creation of the “Pink Point of Presence” during the Gay Games in Amsterdam.

From its humble beginnings as a mobile information point, Pink Point has blossomed into an award-winning nine-cornered kiosk, expertly designed by Marianne Meinema. Step into our vibrant space and explore the extensive array of informative leaflets about the iconic Homomonument, available in multiple languages. Dive into our curated collection of publications, including captivating reads like “Dancing on the Homomonument” (Schorer Books, 2003) and “The Bent Guide to Gay & Lesbian Amsterdam” (Pink Point, 2003/2005/2007).

At Pink Point Amsterdam, we are committed to creating visibility and inclusivity for the LGBTQ+ community. Our knowledgeable staff is here seven days a week, ready to provide you with maps, insider tips, and club night listings, ensuring your experience in Amsterdam is unforgettable. Not only do we offer valuable information, but we also present an enticing selection of queer souvenirs and gifts, making us a must-visit shop in the Netherlands.

Join us as we actively engage in exciting events, thought-provoking exhibitions, heartfelt commemorations, and empowering demonstrations centered around the Homomonument in the heart of Amsterdam. As you navigate the city, let Pink Point be your trusted companion, welcoming both visitors and newcomers alike.

Experience the warmth, support, and community spirit of Pink Point Amsterdam. Start your journey with us today and embrace a world of LGBTQ+ knowledge, connection, and celebration.